Monday, 27 July 2009

Bye then Ben and Nevis. Coo Cows.

This morning Herbie and the man from the abbertoir will despatch Ben and Nevis. They were brothers and were bought some eighteen years ago. They have kept their fields from turning into woodland and have become local landmarks. Although bullocks their size and six foot horn span mean that they are best viewed from a distance.

Whilst actively seeking out human company, especially in winter when they were fed, they have never been handled and so are impossible to treat for ailments. What has led the vet to say that they must be put down is an insect infestation under their fur.

They were bought by Noel to maintain the bio-diversity of the grassland, which they did spectacularly, the field is thought to have the highest score in the West Country, though this is likely to be as much to do with its bewildering geology as its management.

Noel also chose them because they themselves do not require the attention which he lavished on them anyway, as he just liked Highland cattle. The twice daily walk to feed them undoubtably added years to his life so their ending is even more sad, as another connection to Noel passes.

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