Monday, 28 February 2011

Dropbox setup for work and home

I instinctively created two Dropbox accounts, but soon found that Dropbox expects you only to have one Dropbox account per user account.

Googling revealed this setup for work and personal Dropbox files from Samuel D. :
My solution is to have a paid personal account with all the storage I need, and a free work account. The entire contents of my work account are shared with the personal account. I just have my work account set up on my work computer, and my personal one on my personal computer.

This means I can
- Access all my work and personal files on my personal computer
- Access ONLY my work files on my work computer, and even if the system admin figured out the password they would only have access to my work data, not my personal stuff.

Everything syncs fluidly between both computers, I don't have to unlink and relink Dropbox as I only have one account set up with each computer. This works very well.
looks like this is the way to go.

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