Saturday, 9 June 2012

Siemens S16-39 washing machine: code F18 - fixed

Our Siemens S16-39 washing machine started to display F18 and beeping (not the normal 'finished' beep).

We switched it off. Googling suggested that the impeller was broken/unable to move.

Switching back on made a straining noise - switched it off again.

I turned the large pipe (front right bottom) through ninety degrees.

Switched back on, turned to Empty. No bad noise and emptying started.

When empty I placed a towel under outlet and completely undid the large pipe.

There was human hair, a shirt stiffener and piece of slate, removed these and all well!

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  1. Had this same problem with mine recently. Having tried the method here a couple of times and not finding anything in the trap other than water I checked the back pipe.

    I added about 5 litres of water to the drum from the tap and then set the machine to the "Empty" program with the outflow pipe in a bucket. No water came out of the pipe while this program was running. Then using some garden wire I snaked the back back pipe until I hit a blockage. Ramming the blockage for a few minutes and then re-running the empty program flushed all of the blockage out. The machine now functions as normal.