Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Cleaning a work computer when you leave

When you leave a post what is a reasonable level to disinfect your computer to, so that there is little risk of your information leaking when your work machine is no longer under your control?

When I left my previous post I booted from a usb and shredded the whole disk, however this time I want to leave the Ubuntu installation intact.

Tasks in Order

✔ Create some new users: we are going to wipe the current administrative user.

✔ Unlink the machine from Dropbox, or files will either reappear, or get deleted on Dropbox.

✔ Pass a copy of the password safe to another member of the team.

✔ In Chrome disconnect your account.

✔ Change user password.

✔ Shred home directory: we are not trying to resist a determined attack, just trying to make sure that trivial use of google things is no longer possible.

find -type f -print0  |xargs -0 shred -u
find -depth -print0 |xargs -0 rmdir 

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