Tuesday 30 September 2014

Add new lines to end of files with missing line ends

A Sonar rule: Files should contain an empty new line at the end convention
Some tools such as Git work better when files end with an empty line.

To add a new line to all files without one place the following in a file called newlines

for f in $FILES
c=tail -c 1 $f
if [ "$c" != "" ];
echo "$f No new line"
echo "" >> $f

Then invoke:

$ chmod +x newlines
$ find * -name *.java |xargs ./newlines

Monday 1 September 2014

Setting up a mac

Plugin, turn on, update, allow an hour!

Ensure you do not accept the default user details or your admin user will be timpizey not timp.

Install homebrew from http://brew.sh/. Ruby is installed already. This process will install devtools.

Install chrome, font size is under Web Content.

The System Font cannot be altered! The System Font is used by all native Apple applications such as iPhoto and iStore. This is a little annoying (EN_US tr: infuriating and probably illegal). For more general, well written, unix applications the fonts can be altered one by one.