Thursday, 5 February 2009

Bibliomania as a search provider

A nasty bug surfaced , which I introduced to poem in 2007, when Bibliomania was reunited with current melati/poem, see Melati Developers for gory details. The site is now even faster.

That done I have created an OpenSearchDescription for Bibliomania, which can be installed from the site or via the Mozilla addon repository.

I would like a few things to happen:

Someone with IE7 or IE8 try clicking on the little search icon at the bottom of the 'your details' login screen on Bibliomania.

Someone with Mozilla go to the Mozilla Addon site, search for 'Bibliomania search', create an account and login, install the addon and then review it positively. Ideally this will be more than one person, but at least one is required, other than me, before it is accepted.

You might also want to check the new entry about search in the Bibliomania FAQ.

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